For me arts means the expression of multiple forms of creativity. It is a way for people to convey ideas, emotions, feelings, in a different and more elaborated way than they would do in their everyday life.

Having studied philosophy I have been told that art is a manufacturing activity of man, as opposed to products that can be found in nature. I quite like this definition because it includes this idea of creation based on one’s own imagination. Therefore I also believe that art is unique in the sense that every single person, even if they are given exactly the same model or instruction, will end up with a different piece of art.

Personally arts contributes to my overall well-being and is an essential addition besides my studies that are more serious and demand a lot of focus and concentration. Arts help me relax and express other aspects of my personality.

This is a piece of art entitled “rythmes of the intangible”, i took this picture on the 11th floor of Hunter’s North building in the Art Department. I was walking around the art studios looking for interesting artworks when I met this student pushing a cart full of brushes, paints, rags and related painting materials.

She took me to the Artwork Storage room – a pretty fascinating place that I just discovered – and pulled this painting out of her locker. She explained that it represents what is going on in her mind, the thoughts and ideas crossing paths, and that she let those thoughts express themselves in this painting. I really like the tones she used and I think it is a good illustration for my own definition of what art means.