Art is the expression or utilization of human innovative aptitude and creative ability, regularly in a visual frame, for example, painting or model, delivering attempts to be acknowledged principally for their magnificence or enthusiastic power. A few motivations behind craftsmanship might be to express or impart feelings and thoughts, to investigate and acknowledge formal components for their own particular purpose, or to fill in as representation. Craftsmanship, at its least complex, is a type of correspondence and means whatever it is proposed to mean by the craftsman. i am not a artist. But if movies are considered as art. i ma a huge fan of movies. To be more specific, i love action and adventurous movies. If there is anything art i want to learn in future or  if i get a chance i will definitely try to teach how to play guitar.

This is famous poet Frank O’Hara in the photo, the poet was very renowned for his various collection of poetry. when i saw the drawing i was stunned. One of his poems i read is Animal. I like this lyric. It sounds like he would exchange anything to backpedal and feel the adoration once more. He had an awesome life however evidently life has hindered. I think it is sweet that despite the fact that life is hindered it is decent to go through it with organization.